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Geo Business Services

What are Geo Services Business?

These are three processes that INFOSITIO can perform the master address of a client. These three processes are:

Standardization addresses: For example, if the base address exist one with the text “Alameda 1540,” the return process as “Avenida Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins 1540”.

Geo Coding: All addresses are correctly normalized, they attach your latitude and longitude. Thus for future reference normalize no longer necessary or geo encode again.

Routing: It is the process linked to the everyday operation of the company, which may contain a number of business rules as optimal route, time travel, delivery schedules, load value, revenue amounts, priority customer, etc.

Depending on the quality of customer data, can be achieved success rates when normalizing, from 85 to 90%. Addresses that are not gotten to the customer are reported for me to review.

The normalization process can be delivered in three levels: Auto, Assisted and Manual.

What company requires these services?

Geo business services are aimed at all companies with field personnel performing work and sharing, collection, retreats, collection, sales, technical support, installation, meter reading, keystroke prices, security, etc.

These companies need to streamline its internal processes and improve service to its customers, delivering a tool to its field staff to enable them to optimize their travel on the street.

Geo services business, coupled with the implementation of a mobile application for managing the work done on site and integrated corporate company, delivers a powerful solution that will reduce hidden costs that are now difficult to quantify using pencil, role and voice.

How do we charge?

Geo services business usually consider two items that are charged according to the project which will be applied:

Setup fee: Which to analyze the requirements and business rules that are to be considered as part of the filter assembly of routes. This value is canceled once.

Monthly Service: Consider payment for the use of geo engine business for both standardization, such as geo coding and routing. To assess the amount of monthly payment, consider the directions / month to be processed.


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