Founded in Y2K



InfoTracking is a new mobile web service that enables businesses of any size to take control and online tracking of the location of your field staff supported by digital cartography.

Avoid misunderstandings with customers and hidden costs for loss management, improving its image with its customers, adding value to their services and improving production.

InfoTracking allows rapid integration with other products INFOSITIO.


How does InfoTracking?

InfoTracking is a service of monthly payment which incorporates two components: A mobile application that is downloaded to smartphones of their employees serving in field and a web application where supervisors can meet the instantaneous location of each person on site including information historical them (Tracking).

Main Features

  • Application 100% Compatible with Android. Coming to Windows Mobile, Blackberry and iOS.
  • It installs as a service, ie minimizing interaction with the user once installed.
  • Monitoring based on GPS positioning and radio cells
  • Resource management terminal efficiently.
  • Sets alerts occurrence of events.
  • Support open source mapping.
  • In full version, discriminates follow on weekdays or holidays, length of working week, lunch hours, beginning and end of working hours, etc.


certificación ISO