Founded in Y2K

Custom Developments

INFOSITIO is a company of creative engineering multiple products covering specific needs in different industry verticals and commerce.

However, despite our products are customizable and integrable systems to corporate businesses, we face new requirements that may go beyond delivering a mobile application.

In that sense, INFOSITIO and his team of professionals can manage simple and complex projects and using modern methodologies such as MVC and frameworks like CodeIgniter, Eclipse and our new platform: MMS (MyMobileSys).

To meet the project INFOSITIO have a Project Manager who will be responsible for conducting a survey to low customer requirements, analyze, design specifications both at the database, and programming. Finally validate the QA carried out by our team, project documentation to be delivered to its technical counterpart and the minutes of receipt.

With this proven methodology, which is subject to the ISO 9001: 2008, allow us to deliver complex and complete systems with a high degree of customer satisfaction.

Remember, INFOSITIO is not a mobile marketing company, we are a company ENGINEERING expert in mobility.


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