Founded in Y2K



InfoTech is a complete system of allocation and management of work orders to technicians in the field, which controls the time, materials and stock of spare parts used in repairs.

See online workload of its technical and know where they are through Cells Radio System or GPS integrated into the terminal.

InfoTech can certify the work done by the camera’s terminal.

InfoTech can be implemented against customer’s own systems or commercial systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, etc.

Main Features:

  • Start and End of Day.
  • Odometer Control.
  • Reception Control Service Order on your mobile.
  • Management Execution in real time.
  • Validation of equipment under warranty.
  • Registration materials consumption.
  • Registration of additional materials.
  • Registration activities.
  • Access to Care team history.
  • Certification by photographs (pre and post care).
  • Certification concurrency via GPS and / or AGPS
  • You can work Scheduling format.
  • Integrated with ERP’s own commercial and business developments.
  • Both mobile platform and web.


  • To graphically know the workload or progress of assigned service orders.
  • Let you know the location of the technician.
  • Certified by quality photographs of the work. Useful to improve customer service and to avoid penalties for SLA.
  • Informs the company spares consumption, carried out preventive activities and new requirements.
  • Avoids misunderstandings role assignments generated voice, since the information is backed up in database.
  • Avoid costs associated with telephone calls to technicians.
  • It works online and offline. No loss of profits generated.
  • Independent solution of mobile equipment.
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