Founded in Y2K



InfoReader is designed for service companies and contractors who need to capture information from meters either water, electricity, gas, fuel, pressure, etc. and send the data to the server the client or server repository.

Main Features

  • Application 100% Compatible with Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile.
  • Allows downloading routes
  • Allows download detailed information for each meter.
  • Friendly display of information thus further readings as if it were a book of readings.
  • Lets see the routes directly on cartographic viewer (InfoMap).
  • Integrated Logistics System for management on the work of the readers and contractors.
  • Join Reading and validations in the march.
  • Transmission of readings to central server via cell phone
  • InfoSync integrated allowing transmission of data in compact, safely and quickly.
  • Integrated with InfoTracking and InfoLock
  • Integrated corporate enterprise server.

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