Founded in Y2K



InfoLogistic is a complete mobile web system that improves the delivery process and certification conducting postal companies, couriers, freight transport, passenger transport, etc., giving visibility to their clients on the progress of negotiations in real time.

InfoLogistic is delivered in service format, giving the customer all elements of software they require to start using this system in really short times, and allowing them to focus only on your business and not on IT and communications systems.

With InfoLogistic your company can deliver certified the Call Center of the client, in near real time information. Forget digitize thousands of vouchers or forms of delivery on the best available as image in 24 hours, InfoLogistic takes on average 26 seconds to close the delivery cycle.

Available “moto erradan” module operable associated with InfoLogistic.

InfoLogistic enhance its implementation, adding tracking service personnel in the field (InfoTracking) and management service installed mobile applications (InfoLock).


  • Works on mobile phones with 3G support, GPRS.
  • Works on equipment and heavy-duty smartphones.
  • Lets you use the built-in camera equipment like barcode reader (online, QR or 2D PDF417).
  • Friendly application, both friendly postmen / carriers / drivers / deliverers, and with customers.
  • Web integrated system that allows completely online tracking of each document or package.
  • Local database on each mobile, ensuring the information if no mobile coverage.
  • Accuracy of certification data is validated by INFOSITIO as external to the mail delivery process.
  • Allows working with geofences to validate cargo delivery.
  • InfoSync integrated allowing transmission of data in compact, safely and quickly.
  • Integrated with InfoTracking. Delivery approximate position where it was the postman or dealer when handed
  • the letter or package without GPS (subject to technical feasibility of the selected pin).
  • Integrated with InfoLock. Prevents users from using unwanted applications while protecting your data plan hired by your company.
  • Compatible with Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile.
  • Provides access to or profile for your client, which can autonomously perform queries parts delivered to your company for distribution.

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