Founded in Y2K



InfoForm is a library created by INFOSITIO which allows customers to generate their own forms and distribute to mobile staff in the field, without the intervention of a third party should amend the current version in use to reflect the change.

While there are similar solutions to infoform, none of them can relate directly flows and business rules with ERP or enterprise systems.



Infoform can work on a simple Excel spreadsheet





The columns in the spreadsheet, now transformed into a form within the application



Infoform to activate the camera to certify operation flows


Infoform allows on-fly new records



  • Generating forms.
    • Unlimited forms.
    • Allows Dominant and Dominated Questions.
    • Multiple-choice questions.
    • Paragraph type questions.
    • Single Choice Questions.
    • Assets and Subsidiary fields.
    • Allows grouping Sections and Sub Sections for a better distribution of information.
    • Logs events through photographs back.
    • Enables you to record GPS position of where the form was completed.
  • Mobile System
    • View and work on the forms that were created by the supervisor.
    • All business rules on mobile.
    • It works online and offline.
  • Integrated with other products INFOSITIO (ie Infomóvil, InfoCobro, InfoPostal, etc.), ERP’s own commercial and business developments. (*)


  • Unlike other products on the market, infoform can be linked with corporate client systems.
  • Lets take the business rules of the company.
  • Forms are designed for Excel.
  • Prevents or reduces time consolidation of data going from pencil and paper, a mobile application.
  • It works online and offline. No loss of profits generated.
  • Independent solution of mobile equipment.
  • Short learning curve for the user who generates the forms.


Leader in vehicle inspections and properties that need to be insured company. The company replaced the use of paper and pencil for InfoForm. Thus their time consolidating information was reduced markedly.


certificación ISO