Founded in Y2K



InfoCobro is a mobile application specially designed for companies that want to keep accurate control efforts collections to its customers.

Today most collection companies use Call Centers and predictive servers to make calls to debtors and offer payment alternatives. However, the effectiveness of call centers is limited to the person answers the call or worse, give information difficult to verify by the company.

InfoCobro by contrast, allows to know the reality of the debtor and let graphic record of the management. InfoCobro complements any call center system, allowing visualize what is not in a call.

InfoCobro to determine the causes of non-payment of obligations or commitments which will delinquent customers assume the company, are some of the advantages that this tool provides.


  • Application 100% Compatible with Android and Blackberry.
  • Allows sending Records Collection, with all information relating to products originated debt and overdue installments information.
  • Displays addresses assigned both a grid as in a map view.
  • Complete module to determine the causes of non-payment, through parametric questions.
  • Module for making Promises acquired by clients meet their commitments.
  • Allows for maintenance of information such as addresses and phone on the ground.
  • Messaging system includes On-Line, which allows communication to the central mobile instantaneously.
  • Displays in detail the information sent by the central server.
  • InfoSync integrated allowing transmission of data in a compact, safe and fast.
  • Integrated ERP enterprise

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