Founded in Y2K


In INFOSITIO we believe that collaborative work is the key to growth.

To achieve this growth is that we generate networks of cooperation with other companies where synergy becomes an important engine that allows us to extend and project our services and capabilities.

“Founded in 1988, Émerix is ​​a company dedicated to the design and development of systems specialized in debt collection and recovery and the outsourcing of management, is leader in Argentina having as customers the main banks of the country. Since 2011 it has expanded its services to Chile, Ecuador, Uruguay and Panama working with the main Banks of each of these countries.

Émerix is ​​a software platform designed and developed to help its users optimize the management of debt collection and recovery processes and associated administrative processes. Emerix is ​​the most automated collection platform and the only one in the world that has an Internet market from which to download new features, proven collection strategies and new indicators without requiring development. “


certificación ISO