Founded in Y2K

Our Solutions by Industry

It is no secret that different kind of industries seek to maximize their results. Among the tools available to achieve these objectives include mobility solutions. These tools seek to resolve what you can not control or manage when the user is outside the scope of the company.

It’s so unnecessary hidden costs such as travel, retyping errors, annotations without validating in paper forms, idle time, etc., are now replaced by noninvasive systems that allow senior management to have a vision of company operations .

Since 2000 INFOSITIO has focused on providing the best mobile and web solutions with high ROI for its clients, which can even incorporate hardware equipment, data plans, voice, hosting, etc.

  • Sanitary Business
  • Electricity Distribution Companies
  • Gas Distribution Companies
  • Transportation Companies People
  • Cargo Transport Companies
  • Delivery Companies
  • Postal Companies
  • Companies of any kind that needs to know where he is or was your staff working in field
  • Companies and people that needs to control access to applications on mobile devices
  • Collection Companies
  • Banking Institutions
  • Business Services
  • Companies that needs to generate dynamic forms quickly and integrated into your corporate systems
  • Business Marketing, Public Opinion, State Agencies
  • Companies that provide installation services for telephone, cable TV, Internet, alarms, etc.
  • Companies emergency and repair as electricity, water, gas
  • Companies providing technical groups for preventive contracts for goods and services sold


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