Founded in Y2K

Business Mobile Applications

soluciones moviles


Since 2000 INFOSITIO has delivered enterprise mobile applications for many different items, and integrated with popular ERP market as SAP, Microsoft AX, Oracle Finantial, Emerix others.

We have the experience and knowledge necessary to make high technology developments, which often fail to perform other companies. With these capabilities, or programmed cell applications in smartphones low, taking advantage of the characteristics of their equipment.

Our mobile applications are MULTIPLATFORM, this means that the software we developed for Android devices also work on their Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iOS and other equipment with which offer high scalability of their projects in the future.

Our solutions run as stand alone applications on the device and do not use the web browser. This detail is vital to their land can continue to work even when there is no 3G or 4G coverage.

If your company needs mobile solutions, do not get confused and keep in mind these concepts to a successful experience:

  • The proposed solution must not cause loss of profit for your company, ie should work whether or not coverage for the transmission of data (3G, GPRS, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, Cot, Irda, etc)
  • Must be optimized data plan contract.
  • Programming should be low, this allows to control the battery status, manage interactions with the OS of the device when I turn on the computer is off, vibrate, etc.
  • The solution must ensure Transactionability. If your site sends a “4” that your server does not get a “9”. This seems so obvious is not always true in other developers.
  • Your application must be scalable in time and give the possibility to work with peripherals such as bar code readers, wireless printers, bluetooth labels, ODBII scanner, etc.
  • The final product should be multiplatform. This will enable your organization to protect their investment. What if the operating system of your devices on which your application runs longer marketed ?, most likely have to rewrite your application again. With the ability to INFOSITIO Multiplatform, that will not be a problem. In addition to the flexibility of the platform, you can target users by delivering high-end devices to their managers and budget to its field force with the advantage to have a unique support and maintenance devices.


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